The bottom line

Concordia has to ensure that 10,000+ seasonal farm workers are in the right place at the right time. We created a platform that standardised business processes, centralised information, and enabled a greater level of customer self-service. The net result has been that Concordia have been able to deliver better customer service with fewer resources – enabling them to compete more effectively in what has become a very competitive sector.

Key Business Benefits delivered

  • Dramatically reduced support requirements through giving customers access to their own data
  • Standardised processes across the organisation
  • Created central store of data that enables employees to work far more efficiently


Concordia’s existing systems were telephone and email orientated. Key information was scattered across the organisation (with much of it stored on post-it notes or in staff members’ heads. This made it a real challenge to co-ordinate 10,000+ seasonal workers on 200 farms effectively.


Datanauts worked with team and Concordia to centralise information and standardise processes, to ensure data and insight were held by the organisation rather that individuals. We also opened up the system to Concordia’s customers, farmers, overseas employment agents and workers. By enabling these users to ’self-serve‘ we dramatically cut the administration workload for UK staff.

Key numbers

10,000+ work placements managed
200+ farm partners
13+ partner agencies across Europe

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