The short read

We worked with breatheHR to design and build an innovative, cloud-based HR solution in just three months. Since launch the company has become the HR solution of choice for more than 4000 businesses and 100,000 employees - making it one the UK’s market leaders.

We continue to work closely with breatheHR to develop new features, refine the customer experience and ensure the infrastructure scales to meet the demands of customers.

Key Business Benefits delivered

  • Transformed breatheHR from legacy–product resellers to SaaS product owners
  • Reduced breatheHR’s customer support requirements with a strong focus on ease-of-use
  • Made the core product easily expandable
  • Helped breatheHR build their own development team

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The back story

The challenge

When we met Gareth and Jonathan they were selling third-party HR software that was complex to use and difficult to configure. They knew that to scale the business they needed their own product – one was more suited to the needs of small businesses in the UK market. They already knew HR inside out; all they needed was a company that could help them realise their vision.

The solution

We started the project with a 3 day ‘boot camp’ – where Jonathan and Gareth helped us understand the key HR challenges facing small businesses. We then worked with the breatheHR team to define a ‘minimum loveable product’ – a release that focussed on getting all the basics right rather than trying to ‘out-feature’ the competition. This pragmatic and agile approach meant that we were able to launch breatheHR in less than three months.

Once the service launched we listened to customer feedback and added the most-commonly requested features first (maximizing ROI on a limited development budget). We also helped Gareth and Jonathan build in-house programming capability – starting with a developer able to handle day-to-day maintenance scaling up to a team of 8 able to handle all but the most complex tasks.

This has enabled breatheHR to use Datanauts at a more strategic level – implementing major new features and ensuring the robustness of the product as it scales towards its next 100,000 users.

Datanauts are not our developers, they are our partners. breatheHR exists thanks to their attention to detail and commitment to delivering solutions that will be both functional and easy to use.
Gareth Burrows

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