The short read

We helped Work the World grow their business by more than 400% in 24 months – by reducing administrative workloads and increasing customer satisfaction.

Key Business Benefits delivered

  • Reduced administrative workload by enabling students to upload required information (e.g. passport scans) and view details of their accommodation and placement online
  • Increased sales from an intelligent booking process that enables contextualised upselling of extras

The back story

The challenge

Work the World (WTW) organises placements in Asia and Africa for medical students. When we met the team they were co-ordinating staff in the UK and overseas using nothing more than email, spreadsheets and phone calls. The result was that as a company they spending far too much time on day-to-day administration and not nearly enough growing the business.

The solution

We worked with Omar and the team to build an online platform that allowed information to flow seamlessly between UK staff, students and overseas team members. Everyone has the information they need at their fingertips – enabling them to do more and provide smarter customer service. The effect has been to unleash the growth potential the company always had.

The system Datanauts delivered has revolutionized both the way we work and how we communicate with our customers.
Omar Mohamed

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