The short read

We helped the team at Veterinary Insights develop an innovative online benchmarking service for vets. The service draws data directly from the vet’s practice management system to enable subscribers to visualise their practice’s activities and compare their performance and profitability to others.

Key Business Benefits delivered

  • Visually track practice performance trends over time
  • Compare areas of activity with other practices
  • Identify missed commercial opportunities

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The back story

The challenge

Although practice management systems for veterinary surgeries are great at facilitating day-to-day management, they aren’t always so hot at helping vets understand the profile of their activities and profitability. Alex and the team at Veterinary insights saw an opportunity to collect raw data from a Vet’s PMS and deliver it back in a more meaningful and visual form. Whilst collecting data from more than 150 practices, Alex wanted to enable vets to compare their own performance against others.

The solution

Datanauts worked with Alex and the Veterinary Insights team to build an easy-to-use web-based service that enables vets to access a wealth of benchmarking data (encompassing transactions from more than half a million animals across the UK). Alongside this, we’ve automated and streamlined the data collection and processing, making it possible for Alex and the team to spend more time working on the business instead of manipulating endless Excel spreadsheets.

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