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With 18 years experience, we know what a successful app needs. Our services are designed to get your app up-and-running fast and ensure that it scales well.

Phased SaaS development A lower-risk route to your MLP

Our unique 103 development process comprises three stages – 10 hours brainstorming, 10 days prototyping and 10 weeks creating a minimum loveable product. With no commitment to proceed from one phase to the next 103 is the smarter route to market.

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Web applications That help small businesses grow fast

We build bespoke platforms that power businesses. Using a semi-agile processes that acknowledges the reality of fixed budgets, our team deliver functionality that perfectly fits the way you want to work.

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Data, AI and ML Extracting value from data

Big data is not always meaningful data. We help companies identify the right data to collect and how to leverage it to inform their business decisions.

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Strategy For effective digital transformation

In an SME it’s often your workload stops you focusing on the bigger picture. Our founders will help you identify opportunities for automation to enable you work on your business instead of for it.

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Your own development team with expert back up

Once your initial build is complete, we can help build your own team. We help you choose the right people and provide a level of oversight, security and backup that greatly reduces the risks normally associated with embedded, single project teams.

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Add some rocket fuel to your business

We’ve been building transformative web and SaaS applications for more than 18 years. Let’s talk about what we can do for you.

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