What we do

We provide strategic advice, leverage value from data and with our project teams build end-to-end web, mobile and SaaS applications that will transform the way you do business.

Strategy For effective digital transformation

For many SMEs it’s often your workload stops you focusing on the bigger picture. Our discovery missions are a deep-dive into your business processes that help how a digital transformation that will enable you work on your business instead of for it.

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Extracting value from data Collation, normalisation, ML and AI

There’s a buzz around big data, but big data is not always meaningful data. We help companies identify the right data to collect and develop the tools and applications required to deliver actionable insight. Because valuable data is data that transforms the way you do business and opens up new opportunities..

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Phased SaaS application development A lower-risk route to your ‘Minimum Loveable Product’

When you’re a start-up with passion and a great idea developing a fully-functional SaaS product can seem daunting. Our SaaS accelerator de-risks the process by breaking it into three bite-size chunks – 10 hours brainstorming, 10 days prototyping and 10 weeks creating a minimum loveable product. With no commitment to proceed from one phase to the next it’s the smarter route to market.

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Add some rocket fuel to your business

We’ve been transforming businesses for more than 20 years. Let’s talk about what we can do for you.

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